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** Our Kia Owner Reviews Car Reviews are made by motorists who still own or sold their cars recently.  Second reviews are made by drivers who also own or owned the same model and have ‘agreed’ or  ‘disagreed’ with the first review.  This means a review which receives a number of ‘agree’ vote carries more weight with the opposite being true where a review attracts a number of ‘disagrees’. Just over 60% of all reviews are made by existing owners and the remainder are made by people who have sold their cars in the last 12 months. We do this to ensure that the user of the site gets a balanced view which may differ once someone has sold a car. Only owners of cars can make a review or a second review of their car by invitation from us – the review database cannot be updated any other way.  This means that car reviews are more accurate, more dependable, more balanced, are not open to manipulation and can be used by prospective buyers to gather more reliable information. If you object to a review’s content for any reason please report it to us and we will consider deleting it.  The reviews are the views of the owners of the cars and not of our Company and are for your information only. The review comments themselves are the copyright of the reviewer who has given our Company worldwide rights to their exclusive use.  Please refer to our terms and conditions and privacy pages for more information.